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National Apprenticeship Week Parents Information Event (Bedford) - Thursday 9 February 2023


If your child is at the crossroads of what comes next after school, it’s essential for them to know and understand all of the options available.

Help your child to realise all of their options by attending our upcoming National Apprenticeship Week Parents event. Here you´ll be able to speak with a variety of local and nationally recognised employers to see how apprenticeships could work for your child.

You will also get the chance to attend a seminar presentation that will cover everything you need to know about an apprenticeship programme, including first steps, interview preparation and support throughout the apprenticeship. This section will also feature a panel of past and existing apprentices that will talk about their experiences as part of an apprenticeship programme. This unique experience will give attendees an insight into the many positives an apprenticeship has to offer.

If you’ve ever wondered whether an apprenticeship could be the pathway for your child, then this event won’t disappoint.

9th February 2023 | 5.00pm - 8.00pm

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